Lately, said with a deep, hovering harumph, it feels as though my contribution to the world mostly involves handing over large chunks of cash to tradespeople. Both the front and back brakes on our only vehicle needed to be replaced and carpenter ants partied inside an old door (leading to a garage that had been demolished before we moved in) which meant costly removal and replacement. This morning the plumber gave me the oh so happy news: not only is our dishwasher deceased but in its drawn-out death throes it drenched and rotted the floor beneath it.

Aren’t I such a kind, contributing person? Sliding my paycheques straight into the pockets of others? A modern day Robin Hood, without the feathered cap or archery skills. Well, once again, I have made my Daily Writing Challenge about me, myself, and I and our combined personal woes (written with sarcastic undertones not easily observed through reading — I realize my woes are barely discernable on the Life Woes Richter Scale).

Do not yet fling your arms above your head in surrender, questioning my egocentric ignorance. I really do understand that the topic of contribution is of a much grander nature. Contribution is not just “a gift or payment to a common fund or collection” but also “the part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance” (Oxford Dictionary).

In this life, we all contribute something. Sometimes that something is nothing: nothing but silence.

Silence can be good. When your neighbour asks if you like their brand spanking new human-sized statue of a frog holding its crotch so it appears to be relieving itself into a barrel of geraniums it might just be best to let silence prevail.

Silence can be bad. When you witness bullying and do nothing, or quietly slink back into your unearned privilege and watch as others around you flail and flounder, it is best to NOT let silence prevail.

What are you being silent about? How are you contributing in a good way? In a bad way?

We all contribute something. What will your contribution be?

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