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Phew. Christmas is finished. The nativity scene is re-packed in its box, the donkey missing an ear thanks to a run-in with our cat. Ornaments and a rainbow string of lights are tucked back amongst the poinsettia-imprinted tea towels that never even escaped the Rubbermaid this year. …

Photo by Nathan Shively on Unsplash

Lucky you if this was the year you wanted to be sure your sexless spouse didn’t shove their genitals in anyone else’s face. Covid has become your trusty anti-infidelity assistant.

Covid slaughtering sex lives

Covid is good at some things. Killing folks, bankrupting small businesses, skyhighing the divorce rate, and brewing loneliness. It’s manufactured…

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Let’s just start this by stating that my husband and his now-92-year-old great aunt have a very bizarre relationship. Now to her 80th birthday party.

The Birthday Party

The church basement was filled with balloons and laughter. Cousin’s kids whose names I can never remember played tag amongst the skirt bottoms of friends…

Jennifer McDougall

Satirical takes on all life chucks my way. Christian, Spouse/Caregiver, Mom, Teacher, World Traveler, Coffee Addict, Crack of Dawn Runner, Book Binger

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